The Hard Truth About Selling

By | May 19, 2019

Six months, that is how long it took me to understand I need to learn more about selling.

Selling is not about good communication. It is not about speaking well.

It is about being excited and energetic about what would normally feel boring. It is about identifying who needs your products and services, before just rampantly pitching them.

Good communication and speaking well are necessary, but these two traits alone can’t take you anywhere.

Above all, you need to have the energy and commitment and discipline to pitch the same product day-in and day-out and navigating the problems your customers would face when onboarding them.

Mind you, it’s sheepish to say that your product isn’t good. If you don’t believe in the product/service, you’re wrong by either selling the product or by not looking for another product to sell.

Despite that fact that you don’t believe in the product, and you’re selling the product, think about how much emotional toll it can take on you. It will suck all of your energy and drain you out. And at the end of your day, you’d feel like drowning in a deep sea.

Not only that, your negativity can contaminate your colleagues and can impede their performance too.

Don’t complain, even if things are worse. Show how they can be improved. If you can’t, move on to something that suits you.