Hi There!

In the past, I worked as a QA Analyst and later as a Freelance Writer. While the former did not interest me much, the later was a gateway to my new sales position. And now I am a Business Development Manager at E2E Networks.

It’s funny, right? From manual software testing to writing, and finally settling into sales.

But in the process, I learned a lot.

Testing – How to test anything? Well, you should try to break anything in a way that makes sense.

Writing – Everyday we need to communicate through email and chat. So, writing with clarity is indispensable.

The testing skills have helped me to test how I do my sales pitch and the writing skills allowed me to write better and clear emails and follow ups.

For me, Daniel H. Pink has been an insiration. His book To Sell is Human shows that in our lives we constantly try to sell something: ideas, things, one favor for another, and the list goes on.

That’s why I think everyone should get a taste of sales.