Love Letter From a Gentle Guy

By | October 20, 2018

My Love,

You’re compassionate and, at the same time, strong enough to stand by yourself.

Let me be honest.

Your hairstyle attracted me, nothing else, at the first moment. I don’t know whether it’s my nature, I tend to like women with a gorgeous hairstyle. Your hairstyle, oh gosh, is damn good, girl.

You’re so beautiful. That’s the second thing I liked about you, even before knowing you.

I find other women hot though. After all, I’m a man, you know. But never did I find anyone as beautiful and charming as you are.

When I first tried to approach you, your friend helped you escape, like I was a stalker. I doubt that getting away from me was your idea.

I still don’t understand why you had to escape. I am not a bad guy. Maybe it’s the nature of the world we are in that propelled you to escape. Or is it an attention seeking errand?

I’m not blaming. It’s just the gravity of a situation that makes you clueless.

The next time, when I greeted you, the emotions fluttered and tightened me. Getting one more word out felt like breaking an iron chain. But, these are the unforgettable moments, you know.

I hoped you would love me back. But that did not happen, till now. You know, I’m okay with it. There is no universal law that says you should love me back.

Anyhow, If you do not have feelings for me, I will never try to be with you.

What’s the point in making the person I love to waste their time and energy, anyway?

In common, girls, you know, are afraid to speak their mind out and to do what they really want to do. And I thought you were the same. And I thought that is why you were backing off from expressing your true self.

Nah, I was wrong. You’re intelligent and strong enough to do what makes you feel right.

I wanted to have a date night with you. I wanted to know what you feel about me. But you never gave me a chance.

My world felt empty without you. I almost had my head under a train.

But that’s my past. I was lucky enough to have friends who saved me from the agony of not having you in my life.

Don’t feel bad for me. I know you would. All I want is you to be happy.

My Love, this is not just a typical love letter; but also my attempt to convey my true feelings to you. That I not only love you. But I do understand you.

In the end, nobody hates being loved, right?

Yours truly,
Mr. Gentle Guy.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and does not represent any reality.