It’s Easy to Feel Overwhelming, Just Do Your Work

I wanted to write about cryptocurrencies. And I started researching to find a topic. But the content available on the web is overwhelming. Many people have explained and detailed what I want to write about.

And I asked myself:

  1. Can I do better than them?
  2. Would my writing matter?
  3. Do I have what it takes?

Seriously, asking myself these questions doesn’t do any good.


I don’t need to compete. I have to develop uniqueness. That’s what matters.

Anyone who wants to start out as a singer, writer, or even an engineer who wants to let his thoughts out to the world would feel the same way. But you have to get out and do the work – and should improve yourself over time.

Remember, Albert Einstein did not find the mass-energy equation E = mc2 in a day or two. Put the doubts in attic. Start doing the work you love.