Hard Work + Results

By | July 5, 2018

I am often wrong about many things. I try to understand things from my experiences and beliefs. One such misconception I had is: hard work always brings results. I don’t say everybody believes that. But a lot of us do. I did, in the past.

I, however, changed my view on hard work and results. They often go hand in hand, but not every time.

I have been following the football world cup. If you are American, pardon me, its soccer world cup.

32 teams qualify for the event. And, in the end, only one team wins the world cup. All the remaining teams put a lot of effort and hard work. If they don’t win, does that mean they have not done the hard work? Absolutely not. Luck, I hate to mention it, skills and timing, all play a role, believe it or not.

What I’m saying is, hard work is only a factor, maybe a major one, but that is not the whole picture.

I have to remember that the next time when I’ve worked hard and didn’t get what I wanted, I don’t have to beat myself up.