why I took a sales job

Why I took a sales job?

A few months ago, I wanted to become a full-time freelance writer. And I had become one. While I freelanced, an opportunity knocked on my front door: a sales position.

I thought about it.

Six years ago, I read an article in a local news magazine.

It was about startups. And it’s focused on how small investments and hard work can produce excellent results. Specifically, the story of Flipkart has grabbed my attention. Flipkart started as an online bookstore with a capital of four lakh rupees. And now, it has become the leader of Indian e-commerce.

I realized then, no matter how small my influence is, or how much less money I have, I can do something unforgettable. And I never stopped believing in myself. I’m sure I can do things that I can proudly chant to myself when I’m old—on the verge of death.

But that was it. Nothing changed since I read that article. I have graduated; and, took a QA analyst job. Life moved on to the direction where the wind blew.

With a tedious QA job in hand, I started writing. In the initial stages, writing is a way of expressing myself. Putting my debilitating thoughts and dilemmas—that I have come across in life—into words made me feel better.

Afterward, my expenses increased, and my salary was not enough. So, I looked around for freelancing opportunities in software quality analysis. But I had no luck. That too I did have no automated testing skill. But it was in good demand.

Then I tried for opportunities to write blog posts and articles. The stroke of luck hugged me. I was able to find good clients who respected my work.

I left behind my QA profession, in which, I’m hell bored, for the reasons I can’t reveal you. And I had become a full-time freelance writer.

After two months, an opportunity knocked on my door. It presented two options:  Technical writer or Sales rep. I chose the latter.


At the moment, it uninspired me to write tiresome blog posts, which consisted of some vague and uninteresting topics. Moreover, I wanted to enhance my communication and presentational skills. And sales is something I perceived that would fit my goals and needs.

And I attempted. After a moderately lousy interview and a two-week long await, I landed the job offer. I was flabbergasted and felt happy.

Now, after a few weeks of working as a Customer Principal, I’m loving my job.

Moreover, my hearts tells me, “One day you will become an Entrepreneur. Remeber, if you can’t sell, you can never achieve your dream of becoming an Entrepreneur. Maybe that dream becomes a reality after 30 years. But be prepared to face the hardships along the way.”