Life is a Long Road

Life is a long road
Don’t go off track
Be Prepared
Be Brave
Take risk,
Have faith when you’re lost
Make Life a Game
Make the Game interesting
Craft it into a fairytale;
If not,
Make it a story at least

Life is a Long Road
Don’t give up when you Ran Out
There’s something around the corner
Just keep moving
Doesn’t matter how slow you move
Cause you’re not Racing
You’ll win the Struggles
Just make it to the next corner


This one word is enough for me.
I chant it in my head,
Whenever I need to keep going
Whenever I need motivation

The word saved me from lazyness
And bad excuses
It asks me
What better I can do other than hustling.

I need you Hustle, forever.

The Gaze

She looked sad
And I wanted to do something
to make her feel good

I’m a stranger to her
Would she think me as a stalker
What can I do?

The aura told me
do something
bring her out of despair

I sat opposite to her
and gazed
I didn’t even blink

After a while
She looked at me
And smiled