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Love Letter From a Gentle Guy

My Love, You’re compassionate and, at the same time, strong enough to stand by yourself. Let me be honest. Your hairstyle attracted me, nothing else, at the first moment. I don’t know whether it’s my nature, I tend to like women with a gorgeous hairstyle. Your hairstyle, oh gosh, is damn good, girl. You’re so… Read More »

Relics and Attics

Relics and Attics Both are magic When you look at them You relish the memories How far you came And how much is left When things go wrong What do you count on? How well you do? How deep you feel? How high you bounce? How far your reach? When everything is on the line,… Read More »

Hard Work + Results

I am often wrong about many things. I try to understand things from my experiences and beliefs. One such misconception I had is: hard work always brings results. I don’t say everybody believes that. But a lot of us do. I did, in the past. I, however, changed my view on hard work and results.… Read More »

Life is a Long Road

Life is a long road Don’t go off track Be Prepared Be Brave Take risk, Have faith when you’re lost Make Life a Game Make the Game interesting Craft it into a fairytale; If not, Make it a story at least Life is a Long Road Refuel Don’t give up when you Ran Out There’s… Read More »

It’s Easy to Feel Overwhelming, Just Do Your Work

I wanted to write about cryptocurrencies. And I started researching to find a topic. But the content available on the web is overwhelming. Many people have explained and detailed what I want to write about. And I asked myself: Can I do better than them? Would my writing matter? Do I have what it takes?… Read More »

Confusion vs. Confidence

I went forward And backward. I Listened to people, I wasn’t just blind I questioned without trying I concluded without hard work Confused, Is it worthy of my time? Will I become a victim of free advice? Screw that I will try what makes sense I will do what I believe in Screw success I… Read More »